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Grill Mat
Lock Wallet
Roto Clipper
Dash Cam Pro
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Swivel Store 2 for 1See options
Picture Swivel Store in Your Kitchen

If you are wondering just how the Swivel Store would work for you, here are some facts to help you decide. No installation is required. Each unit holds 20 bottles and takes up less than four inches of shelf space – about the same as a box of Frui...

Price: $ 19.99

Half Time Drill Driver

Do your home projects take forever? Time is money, and switching back and forth between drill bits and driver heads takes even longer! Stop wasting time! Get the Half Time Drill Driver, the innovative new way to drill, flip, and drive in only five seconds! You will never have to change a bit in the ...

Price: $ 19.95

Slice O Matic 2 for 1

It’s Like Having Your Own Sous Chef!

With SliceOMatic in your arsenal of kitchen tools, you will feel like you have your own sous chef to help you with the tedious job of chopping, dicing and prepping. The amazing kitchen slicer comes with both a julienne and chopping blade so that ...

Price: $ 19.99

My Zone Headphones

What are my zone headphones?

My Zone Headphones allow you to watch and hear TV without any disturbances. They make it possible for you to listen to and watch a program from across a room. You can even listen to a program while in another room or on your lawn.

You no lon...

Price: $ 19.99

Magic Mesh 2 for 1

Magic Mesh is an innovative new kind of screen door you can hang up and then easily walk through – in or out – and it automatically closes behind you. Perfect for your family members who don’t always close the door behind themselves – cats, dogs, and teens. The screen door is actually made of two se...

Price: $ 19.95

Fast Brite 2 for 1

Just apply Fast Brite Lens Restore to your yellowed, oxidized headlight lenses and watch them return to their showroom shine in just seconds!
  • Quick, Easy & Convenient to Apply!
  • Save Time and Money!
  • Makes Driving at Night Safer!
  • You Will Be Amazed at the Difference!
  • 30-...

Price: $ 10.00

Flex Seal 2 for 1

Flex Seal has an advanced new formula that is guaranteed to coat, seal and protect your surfaces or the manufacturer will refund 100% of your purchase price. It seals out water and lasts for years and once dry, Flex Seal can be painted any color. It is perfect for Roof Leaks, Gutters, RV...

Price: $ 19.99

Eggies 2 for 1

When it comes to eggs, hardboiled means hard work. Messy shells, broken whites and you’ll be peeling all night! Not anymore! Introducing Eggies, the fast easy way to cook hardboiled eggs without the shells. It’s so easy, simply crack and pour in your egg, boil it right on your stovetop, then just tw...

Price: $ 10.00

EZ Moves 2 for 1

Just lift, place, and slide. The EZ Moves® furniture lifter gives you up to 10x your natural strength. Then the EZ Moves® slide right into place so your furniture simply glides across any surface. Then slide right out when you’re done. Clean in all those dark, hidden places, or rearrange rooms to de...

Price: $ 19.99

Perfect Meatloaf 2 for 1

The Perfect Meatloaf Pan is the new non-stick way to bake, lift and serve the perfect meatloaf. Just prepare your favorite loaf, place it on the custom-fitted air bake tray and pop it in the oven, when done out comes your delicious meal all at once! Easily lift, slide and serve without it ever falli...

Price: $ 19.95

Pocket Chair 2 for 1

Introducing the Amazing Pocket Chair As Seen On TV, the convenient & compact chair that folds up easily and fits right in your pocket! Light weight yet heavy duty the Pocket Chair As Seen On TV opens up in a snap, and folds up with ease. Take a seat anywhere with the pocket chair. Take it to th...

Price: $ 14.99

Comfy Control Harness See options
You could be harming your dog Comfy Control Harness™ is a new humane harness that’s lightweight and easily adjustable. It’s special design allows for maximum comfort and safety every time you walk your dog. Comfy Control Harness is designed to move the pressure away from your dog’s neck and on ...

Price: $ 10.99

Happy Nappers

Young children really like toys which are snuggly, comfy and adorable. When it is time for bed, they also want a soft pillow for sleeping. You can now posses both of those factors in just a single product. If you happen to want to give your young children a play toy that he or she can actually sl...

Price: $ 19.95

Style Snaps 2 for 1

Style Snaps is an innovative concept which makes hemming easier. We all know how hard it can be to find clothes which fit you just about perfectly. More often than not, you need to get them altered here and there with a pair of jeans, it’s mostly the length that is a problem while with others ...

Price: $ 10.00

Aluma Wallet 2 for 1See options
The Aluma Wallet not only stores your personal items securely, but it keeps your credit cards safe from intruders as well. The credit cards it keeps “safe” are the ones that are installed with RFID chips, this is also known as radio-frequency identification. RFID is a type of technology that communi...

Price: $ 10.99

Easy Reach  Buy 2 get 2 FREE

Bring your hanging garden down with Easy Reach. Easy Reach plant pulley system extends hanging plants down by 31 inches! Discover the convenience of the plant pulley that gets rid of the hassle of taking care of hanging plants with this Easy Reach review. Easy Reach is must-have gardening accesso...

Price: $ 10.00

YoshiBlade Ceramic Knife FREE Peeler

Never Search For A Sharp Knife Again
  • Ceramic knife that’s guaranteed to stay sharp
  • Won’t rust or pit
  • One YoshiBlade can replace a drawer full of metal knives
  • Made of natural eco-friendly ceramic materials
  • Santoku design is ideal for precision cutti...

Price: $ 19.95

Easy Feet 2 For 1

How do you clean your feet? You bend…stretch…and you can’t reach! Keeping your tired feet looking young is such a chore! But not any more! This is Easy Feet..a revolution in convenience…A foot massage every day!Easy Feet has over 1000 rejuvenating bristles to gently massage and clean the top and the...

Price: $ 14.99

Chef Basket 2 for 1

Cook, Boil or Deep Fry with ease! The Chef Basket is the new way to make kitchen work quick and easy. It starts off flat and instantly expands to a flexible basket that lets you cook, boil, or deep fry foods with ease. Even when hot water or oil is rapidly boiling in the pot, the specially desig...

Price: $ 14.99

Wonderfile 2 for 1See options
The Wonder File is the ingenious organizer that can turn any space into a neatly, organized workplace. Having too many papers and files to keep track off can be stressful and a mess but with the Wonder File you can easily organize them all. It has centers pockets, corner pockets, zipper poc...

Price: $ 19.99

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