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Grill Mat
Lock Wallet
Roto Clipper
Dash Cam Pro
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No more crumpled, rumpled ties!The perfect solution for hanging your ties, keeping them neat and unwrinkled. Requires no batteries or installation. Just fill with up to 20 ties, hang in your closet and enjoy knowing your tie selection is just a twirl away!
Price: $ 4.95


No more digging on the floor of the closet for belts and accessories! Twirl-A-Belt has all the convenient features of Twirl-A-Tie, but it’s specifically designed to hold 12 to 18 belts, suspenders or bolos and will keep all your accessories neatly displayed and organized.
Price: $ 4.95

Shoes Away

The over-the-door shoe organizer! Installs in seconds and holds 30 pairs of shoes. No tools needed. Simply place the Shoes Away shoe organizer hooks over any door, then attach the organizer to the hooks. Its that simple!
Price: $ 14.95

Seat Solution

Seat Solution Orthopedic Seat Cushion is designed to relieve nagging backaches, numbness, and discomfort while you sit. It has a special wedge shape with U Cutaway for your tailbone. Includes black dual sided cover, breathable fabric on one side with stain & water resistant finish on the other. The ...

Price: $ 14.95

Sewing GenieNot in stock
-Compact & Lightweight
-Practical, Easy to Use
-Lockstitch, Double Stitch
-Runs on 4 AA batteries (A/C Adapter Included)
-Durable Alloy Gears to Guarantee long term use
- Uses large spools with rewind device to easily replace bottom bobbin

-Pedal for e...

Price: $ 29.95

Ion Stream Desktop Ionizing Air Purifier

This 2 in 1 desktop ionizer and fan from Ion Stream is a desktop essential. Breathe easier by adding negative ions to your work space. The desktop ionizer and fan combines the cooling advantages of a fan with an air cleaning ionizer. The fan delivers cool air...

Price: $ 39.95

Ginsu 8 Pc Stainless Traditional Set

Ginsu 8 Piece Stainless Traditional Set Features:
  • Unique double edge blade for precision cutting
  • Serrated knives never need sharpening for strength and durability
  • Commercial Quality
  • Convenient hardwood storage block keeps your knives organized, safe and ready to use
Price: $ 44.95

Ginsu 8 Pc Stainless Traditional Set Black

Ginsu 8 Piece Stainless Traditional Set Features:
  • Unique double edge blade for precision cutting
  • Serrated knives never need sharpening for strength and durability
  • Commercial Quality
  • Convenient hardwood storage block keeps your knives organized, safe and ready to use
Price: $ 47.95

Eggstractor 2 for 1

Introducing the amazing new and revolutionary Eggstractor! Tired of peeling eggs?.........Not anymore! Simply place a hardboiled egg into the Eggstractor, and out pops your peeled egg. It’s that easy! For snacks, parties, meals, fast food, and fun food. It’s quick easy and convenient.


Price: $ 14.95

Deli Pro Knife and Fork Set

Deli Pro Knife slices perfect every time! Deli Pro is the amazing knife with a cutting guide that adjusts to any thickness. Deli Pro is great for slicing meat, vegetables, fruits and bread. Thick or thin, the Deli Pro slices evenly and neatly. Deli Pro easily and precis...

Price: $ 14.95

Jingle Ring Deluxe

Change your phones ring with Jingle Ring!
This electronic telephone ringer allows you to replace the sound of that annoying ring! Its new microchip technology lets you choose one of eight exciting pre-recorded jingles:
  • Bugle Boy

  • Price: $ 9.95

    Fog Lamp
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    Set the mood!

         This incredibly beautiful lamp provides atmosphere and mystery to your living area.  Subtle lighting and exotic mist combine to create a peaceful and romantic vision of beauty.

    Price: $ 49.95

    Vacuum Food Sealer by Handy Gourmet
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    Preserve your food for up to 5 times longer than foil or plastic wrap with Vacuum sealing. Let nothing spoil before its time. This handy gadget seals out air so your food stays fresh and flavorful longer. Easy to operate, the sealer cuts and seals the bag to the size you need. Freeze the ba...

    Price: $ 49.95

    Sushi Master 5 in 1 Mold
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    With the rise in living standards and health consciousness, people have come to prefer lighter and healthier foods. Japanese food is becoming increasingly more popular because it is light, uses only the freshest ingredients, and contains virtually no fats or oils.

    Of the many types of healthful...

    Price: $ 29.95

    Magic Deli Pro Knife
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    The All-Purpose Magic Knife makes slicing, dicing, and peeling easy, fast, and secure. The cutting guide can be easily adjusted to any thickness by loosening the screw on the top of the knife. Once the desired thickness is reached, simply tighten the screw again. Excellent for sl...

    Price: $ 14.95

    Magic Stitch Sewing Machine w AC Adapter
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    This machine is so handy you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it. Quickly mends slipcovers, sews in zippers, makes fast alterations. Ideal for all fabrics. This table top sewing machine features an on/off foot pedal just like those expensive machines & includes 1-Metal Bobbin, 4-Plastic Bo...

    Price: $ 19.95

    Kitchen Plus 3000See options
    Miracle Kitchen Plus 3000 is a special machine which can cut any kind of vegetables, like carrots, lettuce, cabbage, etc.  This machine contains heavy duty blades, which can cut ten to twenty times faster than by hand.You can use it to make your own salsa, sauces, salad, or anything you like to m...

    Price: $ 19.95

    Bacon Wave
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    Bacon cooked to perfection in your microwave, for the frying pan taste without the frying pan, or the grease! Make bacon healthier.
  • Less fat
  • Less grease
  • Less cholesterol
  • Le...

  • Price: $ 14.95

    Bug WandNot in stock
    Bug Wand The Clean Quick and Safe way to be rid of bugs The next time some creepy-crawly is discovered in your home or business, dont spray them, dont whack them, VAC them with the Bug Wand! No more messy splatter on the walls or ceilings. The Bug Wand Vacuum creates a high-powered suct...

    Price: $ 17.95

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    Buttoneer® Fastening System For Your Household and Travel Needs

    Lose a button? Buttoneer® will replace it in seconds. This handy device is great for those of us who go cross-eyed trying to thread needles and usually manage to gouge ourselves s...

    Price: $ 14.95

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