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Grill Mat
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Roto Clipper
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Moving Men 16pc Set

Makes Moving Heavy Furniture Child’s Play
Want to rearrange the living room, dust behind that chest, or move that king size bed?

Then it’s time to get some M...

Price: $ 19.95

Hammaka ChairSee options
The amazing Hammaka is one of the most comfortable chairs on the planet! This hanging hammock chair cradles the body with near perfect pressure distribution allowing hours of relaxation without any repositioning or movement at all. Easily hung, the Hammaka is commonly used inside the home or office ...

Price: $ 99.95

Magic 25ft Recoiling Water Hose

Compact Lightweight Recoiling Water Hose Springs In and Out of Action Tired of struggling with twisted hoses and clumsy reels? Our recoiling, kink-resistant hoses stretch out kink-free for any household or gardening chore, then automatically recoil into original shape for quick and easy ...

Price: $ 14.95


Headlight & Plastic Restoration KitWhen it comes to Headlight Restoration Kits, the choice is Clear.Best of all- YOU CAN DO IT YOURSELF!One kit does it all: Headlights, tail lights, windshields, plastic camper windows, eisenglass, helmet face shields, boat hatches, light bars, bug deflectors... ...

Price: $ 49.95


1 - Rifle & Gun Wax 3.4oz bottle 1 - Tumbler Media Additive 250ml bottle 1 - 16" x 16" Microfiber Polishing Cloth 1 - Flitz Metal Polish Paste 5.29oz tube $12 - in Flitz Coupons for future purchases
Price: $ 46.95


Flitz Stainless Steel and Chrome Cleaner with Degreasing Agents is a Revolutionary New formula that safely Cleans and Protects Polished and Brushed Stainless Steel, Chrome, Enamel and Porcelain.Removes: Fingerprints, Grease, Oil, Water Spots, Soap, Wax, Insects, TreeSap, Road Tar and Much, Mu...

Price: $ 14.95

RIFLE & GUN WAX 3.4oz.

Flitz Rifle and Gun Wax is a White Carnauba and Beeswax Formula that provides Exceptional Results on Gun Bluing, Polished or Hand-rubbed Stocks, Stainless and Nickel Firearms.Removes and Protects Against: Rust, Fingerprints, Water Stains, Powder Residue, Tree Sap, Blood, Salt Deposits, Lime D...

Price: $ 10.95

Wireless Doorbell

The wireless doorbell is easy to install!
  • Place doorbell button wherever you want
  • Remote chime works up to 50 ft. from doorbell
  • No electrical wires to install
  • Mounts quickly and easily
  • Can also be used as a pager. Uses 2 AA batteries and 1 9V battery
  • Price: $ 14.95

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    Ever have trouble seeing where you spray?

    This handle illuminates the area the spray can is pointed at, making it far easier to put the product where you want it.

    It also makes a great flashlight when removed from the aerosol c...

    Price: $ 9.95

    Euro Blaster
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    Adjustable spray head with four different spray patterns to tackle all those dirty jobs!
    Blast away grass and leaves, wash the windows without a ladder, clean the gutters, and roof. Fill the detergent chamber and wash the car, van or boat in minutes! With the Euro Blaster, no cleaning job ...

    Price: $ 17.95

    Drain Buster
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    DRAIN BUSTER is safe and strong! This unique power pump is engineered with sturdy plastic that will not fail under pressure but will get the tough jobs done. Great for home or office - works for sinks and comodes! No chemicals to damage your skin or clothing. Much more effective than an o...

    Price: $ 12.95

    Flat Hose 50 Ft.
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    Tangled up in all that yard work? Break free with the revolutionary Flat Hose. This amazing flat coiling garden hose is guaranteed to take the mess out of watering. Flat Hose attaches easily to any faucet. Guaranteed to never kink, never ...

    Price: $ 29.95

    Weed Thrasher
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    Quit treating your weed trimmer like a sewing machine! Stop wasting your time trying to thread spools of nylon through your weed trimmer! There is now a safer and easier way to trim weeds. The Weed Thrasher is an all steel head with 12 quick change cutters. With the included mounting hardware and ea...

    Price: $ 19.95

    Gutter Flusher
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    The Super Blaster bends to any shape for tackling hard-to-reach cleaning jobs. It reaches around, under, and atop almost anything. Simply attach it to your garden hose and rotate the solid brass nozzle tip to adjust the power of your spray and set the water on/off control. Perfect for rain gutters, ...

    Price: $ 12.95

    Leak Ender 2000
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    The miracle sealer that stops leaks immediately!
    Leak Ender 2000 stops and seals air and water leaks for:
  • Gutters
  • Air conditioners
  • Pipes
  • Walls
  • Mobile home roofs
  • Windows
  • Joints
  • Foundations
  • Pools
  • Boats
  • Hundreds of...

  • Price: $ 13.95

    Handy Bundler
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    Handy Bundler, wraps, ties and secures just about anything.
    A great tool for the home, garage, car, boat, camper and office. Super for bundling wiring, garbage bags, luggage, storage items, tools... hundreds of uses. We’re sure you’ll think of some new ones!

    Kit Includes:
  • 100...

  • Price: $ 24.95

    PVA Mop Replacement Head 3 Pack
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    This is the mop head you have been looking for. 

    Sweeping, mopping and waiting for the floor to dry can take up to an hour.  Why waste time and effort when the PVA Mop Head will do the work for you?  Using the PVA Mop Head, you can clean up even sticky messes in sec...

    Price: $ 14.95

    Magic 50ft Recoiling Hose
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    Compact Lightweight Recoiling Water Hose Springs In and Out of Action Tired of struggling with twisted hoses and clumsy reels? Our recoiling, kink-resistant hoses stretch out kink-free for any household or gardening chore, then automatically recoil into original shape for quick and easy ...

    Price: $ 29.95

    Singer Scissors
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    Whether at home, at school, or at the office, our Singer Scissors will make all of your snipping jobs a cinch.
    Price: $ 9.95

    Laser Straight
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    Get it Laser Straight, every time! Laser Straight uses the latest Refractive Lens Technology to lay down a level 50 ft. line. Hang pictures, shelves, curtain rods and more with professional results! Laser Straight makes difficult do-it-yourself jobs easy. Just position it on any surface ...

    Price: $ 19.95

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