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Grill Mat
Lock Wallet
Roto Clipper
Dash Cam Pro
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Thin Optics

ThinOptics glasses are super thin in design and flexible. They just sit on your nose, so they require very little framework The included case is very nice too. The glasses themselves weigh less than a nickel because they are made with durable optical grade polycarbonate. This keeps them light...

Price: $ 24.95

Lock WalletNot in stock
Protect your valuables from identity theft with Lock Wallet, a lightweight, compact wallet that stores and secures your wallet’s contents from cyber-theft. As seen on TV, the Lock Wallet contains a nano-thin RFID-blocking aluminum shield that prevents scanners from reading your personal, valuable da...

Price: $ 10.00

Roto Clipper

Roto Clipper is a simple lightweight battery operated hand held device that lets you trim and file your nails quickly,easily and safely. A lot of people have difficulty trimming their nails with conventional type nail clippers. It can be a little time consuming and the Roto Clipper makes this j...

Price: $ 19.99

Wonder Wallet

Are you fed up with your wallet becoming being too thick and bulky when you place even just a small amount of cash and cards inside? You will want to switch to the Wonder Wallet then. Wonder Wallet is a specially designed wallet that will allow you to store without becoming too bulky. The Wonder Wal...

Price: $ 19.95

Miracle Bamboo Pillow 2 for 1

No more flipping or rearranging your pillow throughout the night

The outer shell of the pillow is made of bamboo fabric. A revolutionary new fabric that is stronger than silk. Softer than cotton. Extremely durable, and because it’s bamboo, it has natural heat dissipating properties that k...

Price: $ 29.95

Purse Pouch 2 for 1

Purse Pouch is like a hammock for your purse that holds in place between the two front seats of your car. It is a way to keep your purse within arm’s reach without having to clutter up your passenger side seat or inconvenience others in the car with you. Instead of placing your purse on the floor, y...

Price: $ 10.00


The BeActive Brace is a pressure pad you wear below the knee to alleviate the shooting lower back pain you get from injury to your sciatica nerve. By putting gentle pressure on this spot BeActive brace will enable you to be comfortable walking, bending, or sitting again without agony. REVOL...

Price: $ 19.99

Mattress Wedge

Everyone sleeps better with a Mattress Wedge Stop losing sleep and close the gap with Mattress Wedge™, The award winning, patented solution that closes the gap between the headboard or wall in any size bed. Now Pillows stay comfortable under your head and not under your bed. Kids to...

Price: $ 19.95

Go Go Pillow 2 For 1

The GoGo Pillow™ works on any surface and works as a backpack so you can take your tablet with you, enabling you to use your tablet comfortably wherever you are.

The patented multi-slot design means your tablet is locked securely in place wherever you’re using it – & it works with mos...

Price: $ 19.95

MSA 30x Sound Amplifier See options
Don’t be embarrassed by large, unsightly amplifiers. MSA 30X is a discrete sound amplifier that is lightweight and comfortable. The clear tubing of MSA 30X fits the contour of the ear making it almost invisible. Enjoy a movie or show without missing a word, have conversations with friends in a crowd...

Price: $ 29.95

Forever Comfy 2 for 1Not in stock
Forever comfy is a three-layer cushion designed to use on as a seat cushion. The cushion is made up of a layer of gel sandwiched between two layers of foam. These three layers work together to form a comfortable cushion that helps support the back, buttocks, and the back of your thighs when sitting ...

Price: $ 19.95

Nail Perfect

Nail Perfect is the amazing manicure marvel that gives you salon-perfect nails very time. Perfect polish, perfect French tips and perfect decals when you use Nail Perfect!

It is so easy. Place your favorite bottle of nail polish into the Perfect Polish Chair, it holds bottle at the p...

Price: $ 9.99

Genie Bra Buy 3 get 3 FREENot in stock
An awkward posture with impish movements can be so embarrassing! Yes, it is the undergarment that you wear which lands you more often than not in slippery soupy situations! The one way to steer clear of such uneasiness is to simply pick up a well fitting bra that can support your bosom sufficiently ...

Price: $ 59.99

Pocket Chair 2 for 1Not in stock
Introducing the Amazing Pocket Chair As Seen On TV, the convenient & compact chair that folds up easily and fits right in your pocket! Light weight yet heavy duty the Pocket Chair As Seen On TV opens up in a snap, and folds up with ease. Take a seat anywhere with the pocket chair. Take it to th...

Price: $ 14.99

Sobakawa CloudNot in stock
The all-new Sobakawa Cloud Pillow is an amazing pillow over 300 years in the making. Based on traditional Asian buckwheat pillows, the Sobakawa Cloud Pillow is filled with over 10 million air beads. It’s like sleeping on a virtual sea of clouds! Unlike other pillows, the Sobakawa Cloud Pillow can...

Price: $ 19.99

Style Snaps 2 for 1Not in stock
Style Snaps is an innovative concept which makes hemming easier. We all know how hard it can be to find clothes which fit you just about perfectly. More often than not, you need to get them altered here and there with a pair of jeans, it’s mostly the length that is a problem while with others ...

Price: $ 10.00

Aluma Wallet 2 for 1See options
The Aluma Wallet not only stores your personal items securely, but it keeps your credit cards safe from intruders as well. The credit cards it keeps “safe” are the ones that are installed with RFID chips, this is also known as radio-frequency identification. RFID is a type of technology that communi...

Price: $ 10.99

One Second Needle

OneSecondNeedle makes threading a needle as simple as 1-2-3. No more struggling to find the eye of your needle! Simply loop and thread and continue your work. Imagine all the time and frustration you’ll save yourself with the One Second Needle! Whether you’re a veteran at sewing or just starting out...

Price: $ 10.00

30 Second Smile

The 30 Second Smile toothbrush uses 6 microbrush heads that surround your teeth in soft bristles automatically cleaning the top, bottom, front, back and biting surfaces, all at the same time, for the perfect cleaning every time. That’s why brushing only 30 seconds is like brushing 3 minutes with ...

Price: $ 59.95

Easy Feet 2 For 1

How do you clean your feet? You bend…stretch…and you can’t reach! Keeping your tired feet looking young is such a chore! But not any more! This is Easy Feet..a revolution in convenience…A foot massage every day!Easy Feet has over 1000 rejuvenating bristles to gently massage and clean the top and the...

Price: $ 14.99

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