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Miracle Foot Repair 8 Oz.

Miracle Foot Repair® Foot Cream with 60% Pure Aloe Vera Gel from Miracle of Aloe® For Dry, Cracked, Itching Feet If you have dry, cracked, or itchy feet, don’t wait another day to try our aloe foot repair cream. Miracle Foot Repair is 60% Aloe Vera - - nature’s own healer - - combin...

Price: $ 12.95

Dr. Magnetic Insoles for Women

This is a revolutionary product specially designed for busy people: - it massages while you walk - improves blood circulation - reduces muscular aches and pains - eliminates foot odors - turns all footwear into massage footwear - easy cut-to-fit instr...

Price: $ 9.95

Optiwhite By BiodentNot in stock
WHITEN YOUR SMILE TODAY! Obtain all the benefits of a professional tooth whitening treatment with none of the inconveniences or expense.

Get rid of all those coffee, tea, and cigarette stains! Simply fill trays with Optiwhite Gel, place trays on upper and lower teeth, and remove...

Price: $ 9.95

Cortislim 60 count bottleNot in stock
Is stress making you fat? Are you constantly feeling stressed out from your hectic schedule? Has that extra holiday weight become a year round battle to lose? Well, stop trying those fad or trick diets and try choosing something that actually works, Cortislim.

Extra weight can be triggered fr...

Price: $ 39.95

Cybersonic 2 4pk headsNot in stock

Replacement Head 4 pack

Toothbrush wearing out?

A good condition brush is vital for getting the best performance out of any toothbrush system. With most brushes you will have to drive around and find a store that carries the right brush,


Price: $ 14.95

Hollywood 24-hour Miracle DietNot in stock
 Lose Up to 5 Pounds in 24 Hours!™*

  • Helps eliminate cravings
  • Boosts energy

  • Price: $ 9.95

    Karada Detox Foot Pads
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    Karada Full Body Cleansing Foot Pads Detoxify Your Entire Body! Detoxifying patches quickly apply to your skin and extract toxins from your body. Use as often as needed to improve blood flow, help you sleep, ease joint pain, sooth aching muscles, & more. These Detox Pads Help Clean Your Body By D...

    Price: $ 19.95

    Lint Shaver JumboNot in stock
    Keeps Your Sweaters and Other Clothing Looking Fresh and New!

    THE BATTERY OPERATED LINT SHAVER IS PRACTICAL AND EASY TO USE! Think twice before discarding your "old" sweaters and other not-so-hot looking clothing. With the Lint Shaver you can restore fabrics to a fresh, new look quick...

    Price: $ 9.95

    Memory Foam PillowNot in stock
    Made with material developed by NASA to support astronauts comfortably in long space flights. This special memory foam responds to your body heat, conforming to your head and neck, maintaining correct head-neck-back alignment for superior comfort. Comes with a removable, washable, zippered cover....

    Price: $ 19.95

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    Buttoneer® Fastening System For Your Household and Travel Needs

    Lose a button? Buttoneer® will replace it in seconds. This handy device is great for those of us who go cross-eyed trying to thread needles and usually manage to gouge ourselves s...

    Price: $ 14.95

    Clean Between MachineNot in stock
    Cleans Where Floss Can’t Reach!

    Dr. Milners 4 in 1 Sonic Clean Between Machine is the ideal everyday oral hygiene solution. Prevent tooth decay, gum disease and bad breath with sonic power! More than a great sonic toothbrush, the Clean Between Machine is also a unique sonic-powered floss...

    Price: $ 19.95

    Atkins Answer Videos 1 & 2
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    The best selling diet author, Dr. Atkins, shares his weight loss system with you on these two tapes. (diet manual included)

    Why It Works - Atkins Answer Video 1 The secrets to weight loss and how to keep it off forever. Learn why low fat diets can’t work. Understand the basics of the Atki...

    Price: $ 19.95

    Manicure Makeup Set 18 Pc
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    18 Piece Ladies Manicure & Make Up Set

    Everything you need to maintain well-manicured nails and a beautiful face all in one convenient set! Includes cosmetic brushes, nail file, buffer, clippers, cuticle scissors, tweezers and more. Black carrying case.

    Set Includes:

    Price: $ 7.95

    Manicure Set 10 Pc
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    10-Piece Manicure set. Set includes 1 cuticle trimmer, Cuticle Cutter, Cuticle Pusher, Nail File, Nail Nipper, Tweezers, Scissors, Ear Cleaner, Small & Large nail clipper. All 10 pieces come in a mini briefcase. Makes a great gift.
    Price: $ 5.99

    Sobakawa Buckwheat Pillow
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    For hundreds of years, Asians have known the benefits of buckwheat and buckwheat hulls! Now, we can benefit from their secret right here in the United States...A secret that may finally give the best nights’s sleep you’ve ever had!

    Price: $ 29.95

    Cybersonic 2 Oralcare SystemNot in stock

    Introducing Cybersonic2® — a new technological breakthrough in sonic oral care for you and your family! This revolutionary system is a new and improved version of our popular Cybersonic oral-care system — with more convenient features than ever bef...

    Price: $ 89.95

    Hair Made
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    Save time styling, drying, straightening, and volumizing you hair. The Hair Made frees both your hands so you can be done styling in record time. Achieve that "salon look" every time! Eliminate the fatigue of holding that heavy hair dryer. T...

    Price: $ 19.95

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