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Catís Meow 2 for 1

The Catís Meow toy will save you more than just your furniture and money. It also saves you time. Cats are independent creatures, but when they are ready for some interaction, itís usually advisable to do what you have to do to make time for them. Otherwise, the meowing is just going to get louder. ...

Price: $ 19.99

Click N Stay 2 For 1See options
Driving is dangerous when pets are unrestrained in a car. Just imagine. They could distract you when they transfer from the back to the front or vice versa. Worse, they could jump out of an open window at an intersection if they see another pet on the sidewalk. That can cause you some aggravation as...

Price: $ 10.00

Pet Rider 2 for 1

Many pets enjoy riding along in the car, but that joy can often leave a mess in the interior. On this As Seen on TV, weíll try out the Pet Rider, which promises protection when your pet is onboard. The Pet Rider fits on a rear bench seat of a vehicle but can also lay flat in the back on a van or ...

Price: $ 14.99

Comfy Control Harness See options
You could be harming your dog Comfy Control Harnessô is a new humane harness thatís lightweight and easily adjustable. Itís special design allows for maximum comfort and safety every time you walk your dog. Comfy Control Harness is designed to move the pressure away from your dogís neck and on ...

Price: $ 10.99

Plaque AttackNot in stock
All Natural & Perfectly Safe PLAQUE ATTACK uses only all natural human grade ingredients which safely combine with saliva to break up bacteria, plaque, and tartar which cause bad breath and gum disease. Save Money Just one professional teeth cleaning can cost hundreds of dollars! PLAQUE ATT...

Price: $ 19.95

Pet Zoom Pet Park

Pet Zoom Pet Park is an indoor pet potty made of a synthetic surface thatís similar to grass. It prevents pet accidents by giving your dog a designated place to urinate instead of using your carpet or furniture. Pet Parkís triple stage protection allows fluid to pass through the anti-microbial mat. ...

Price: $ 29.95

Shed Pal Vac 2 for 1

The Shed Vac helps remove shedding pet hair from your dog and cat before they get all over the place. It is clean, easy to use, and pain-free for your pets. This professional-style grooming tool is vacuumed powered to suck up shedding hairs from your pet. It fits right into the palm of your hand...

Price: $ 19.95

Bark Off 2 for 1

With BarkOff you can easily and humanely train your dog to stop barking anytime and anywhere. It uses ultrasonic technology to help you control your dog and stop them from barking. The ultrasonic signal sent out from BarkOff is inaudible to human ears but will instantly captures your dogís att...

Price: $ 10.00

Crazy Critters 2 for 1

Crazy Critters are the stuffing free flat plush toy that your dog will love. They are strong, durable and realistic looking. Plus they have squeakers on both end, making your dog think that he or she is playing with a friend. Since Crazy Critters are stuffing-free, they lie flat, making them ...

Price: $ 10.00

Emery Cat Board w/Bonus 2 for 1Not in stock
Clippers cut too close to the quick, causing pain! Ordinary scratching posts can cost as much as $100 and they wonít trim your catís claws ē Your cat can give itself a pedicure!
  • Strong enough to support even larger cats
  • Your cat safely files its own claws each and every time ...

Price: $ 19.95

Pet Zoom

Pet Zoom brush is the self-cleaning, one-touch way to groom your pet. Easily remove unwanted hair, dander, dirt and debris from your dog or catís fur - push button to release from brush! Soft, ultra-comfort bristles adjust for long or short coats. Use for wet or dry grooming. Includes:...

Price: $ 19.95

Pedi Paws

Pedi Paws Gently and Painlessly Trims Petís Nails. The secret is the innovative rotary emery bands that gently remove thin layers of nail without the pain of traditional clippers. Protective cap catches the filings for easy cleanup. Itís fast, easy and saves on visits to the groomer! Pr...

Price: $ 19.95

Petsy Brush Free MiniNot in stock
Petsyģ Brush is the only self-cleaning pet brush that you slide with your thumb and the clean-up is done - without ever touching messy gobs of hair! Your pet will love its special bristles that gently remove shedding hair without pulling. Its lightweight, ergonomic design makes it easy to hold,...

Price: $ 14.99

Shed EnderNot in stock
Removes shedding hair like magic. Shed Ender features a proven design that removes dead, loose hair where other brushes fail. Shed Ender is a professional de-shedding tool that removes shedding hair trapped in your petís undercoat. Shed Ender keeps shedding hair off your pet and out of your h...

Price: $ 11.95

Pet VacNot in stock
Pet Buddy pet vac will eliminate all of your pet hair problems and make grooming fun! If you are tired of all the different grooming brushes and time spent brushing your pets, only to find they are still leaving hair behind everywhere they go, then you need the PetBuddy pet vacuum attachment! This i...

Price: $ 24.95

Bark Control Collar

This collar makes pet training easy. The high pitched tones, inaudible to humans,†reinforce commands and dramatically reduce traning time by omitting gentle but irritating negative stimulus when the dag barks, thereby calming the action. The collar requires one 9v battery (not included)...

Price: $ 14.95

Pet Trainer

The Humane pet training method that uses effective ultrasonic sound. Uses High Frequency Ultrasonic pitch that only dogs and cats can hear. Teach your pet to: Sit, heel, fetch, roll over. Complete obedience training instructions included. May also be used by joggers, bikers, walkers and hikers t...

Price: $ 19.95

Pet Groom Pro Ionic Pet BrushNot in stock

Pets dont like being dirty any more than humans but they hate baths. Now thereís a new way to clean and condition cats and dogs in between baths with the Pet Groom Pro. This revolutionary new pet brush emits millions of safe, cleansing ions that eliminate dander,...

Price: $ 14.95

Sticky Deluxe Lint Roller 3 pc Set

The revolutionary new rolling cleaner that attracts dirt like a magnet! Stick-It instantly picks up lint, dust, pet hair, dirt, sand and much more. Use Stick-It to clean furniture, clothes, floors, car upholstery, walls and even draperies. When youíre through, just rinse, let dry and youíre ready...

Price: $ 14.95

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