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Grill Mat
Lock Wallet
Roto Clipper
Dash Cam Pro
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Jingle Ring Deluxe

Change your phones ring with Jingle Ring!
This electronic telephone ringer allows you to replace the sound of that annoying ring! Its new microchip technology lets you choose one of eight exciting pre-recorded jingles:
  • Bugle Boy

  • Price: $ 9.95

    Fog Lamp
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    Set the mood!

         This incredibly beautiful lamp provides atmosphere and mystery to your living area.  Subtle lighting and exotic mist combine to create a peaceful and romantic vision of beauty.

    Price: $ 49.95

    Instant Touch Lights set of 6Not in stock

    Light always right at your fingertips...

    If you’re tired of searching for the flashlight every time you need to get into the back of your closet, stairwell, bathroom, etc.,...  You need the Instant Touch Light!  Instant light, wher...

    Price: $ 14.95

    Wireless Doorbell
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    The wireless doorbell is easy to install!
  • Place doorbell button wherever you want
  • Remote chime works up to 50 ft. from doorbell
  • No electrical wires to install
  • Mounts quickly and easily
  • Can also be used as a pager. Uses 2 AA batteries and 1 9V battery
  • Price: $ 14.95

    C D Clinic  Restoration SystemNot in stock

    Got a scratched or damaged CD?? Dont throw it away! Repair it!! Give your disc a treat with this professional mend and polish, all-in-one CD repairing kit. Achieve great results with the handy and simple to use CD Clinic every time! P>

    CD Clinic includes.....

    Price: $ 19.95

    Corner Shelf 3 Pc SetNot in stock
    You will love the convenience of corner shelves in any room of your home and best of all, you can install them in just seconds using no tools or hardware! It’s true! You simply decide where you want your corner shelf, turn the locking button that secures the shelf to the wall, and like magic, it...

    Price: $ 19.95

    Driveway Patrol
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    The Driveway Patrol™ wireless motion detector alerts you when someone approaches your home. Simply place the transmitter along your driveway, up to 400 feet away from your house. Then place the receiver inside your home, no wiring is necessary. Whenever a vehicle or person passes by the se...

    Price: $ 19.95

    Singer Scissors
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    Whether at home, at school, or at the office, our Singer Scissors will make all of your snipping jobs a cinch.
    Price: $ 9.95

    Laser Straight
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    Get it Laser Straight, every time! Laser Straight uses the latest Refractive Lens Technology to lay down a level 50 ft. line. Hang pictures, shelves, curtain rods and more with professional results! Laser Straight makes difficult do-it-yourself jobs easy. Just position it on any surface ...

    Price: $ 19.95

    Rotato Express
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    From apples to zucchini...
    Rotato® Express peels mounds of potatoes in seconds! Push a button and watch it go! Peels apples, pears, oranges, lemons, even turnips, cucumbers and zucchini. You’ll never peel another spud by hand... guaranteed. Rotato® Express peels awa...

    Price: $ 24.95

    First Alert 4 pc Set
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    Now you can add security to ever door and window in your home and office in just seconds. The First Alert Alerm System is designed to assist you in protecting your home and deter intruders by sounding a piercing ultra decibel alerm if your doors or windows are opened. It can also be used as friendly...

    Price: $ 9.95

    Ever Life Flashlight Plus Free Mini
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    The Forever Flashlight is both economical and environmentally friendly. You will never need to purchase and discard batteries! It’s the perfect flashlight for long term storage such as in your glove box or the trunk of the car . You neve...

    Price: $ 19.95

    Cold HeatNot in stock
    Cold Heat Soldering Iron The Cold Heat Soldering Tool is a battery-powered device that quickly heats and cools making soldering jobs fast, easy and safe. It creates the heat right in the proprietary tip material, making the tool 20 times more efficient than the average conventional soldering...

    Price: $ 19.95

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